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AFCT2  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion System

Fast Take

Pine Instrument Company’s AFCT2 system for determining the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of concrete samples is engineered to meet the requirements of the AASHTO T336 protocol.  As with all Pine Instrument equipment, the CTE unit is configured to require minimal operator input and attention.  Designed to test concrete samples over a temperature range of 10°C to 50°C, the test fixtures will accept specimen diameters of 90mm to 160mm and sample lengths of 170mm to 210mm.  Water bath volume is adequate for testing up to three specimens at the same time when the system is configured with additional fixtures.

System Configuration

The system consists of a water-bath, heating/cooling circulator, specimen fixture, interface electronics, temperature measurement instrumentation, and control software.  The control computer may be supplied by the user or purchased as part of the system.  A single USB communication is used to control the system operation.  Model AFCT2 is supplied with a single fixture but is capable of operating up to three fixtures.  The control software manages the testing sequence, cycling the temperature while storing the temperature, displacement, and time data.  Most testing parameters are programmable to allow for alternate testing protocols.




Model AFCT2 Specificatons


AFCT2A: 115 VAC(±10%), 20 Amps, 60 Hz, 1 ph
AFCT2C: 230 VAC (±10%), 10 Amps, 50 Hz, 1 ph

Shipping weight

Approx. 136 kg (300 lb)

Water Bath

68 liters/18 gal (holds up to three fixtures)


Temperature Range: 10° - 50°C (50°-122°F)
Resolution: ±0.1°C
Performance (approximate):

Heating 10° – 50° C: ~4 hour

Cooling 50° – 10° C: ~4 hour

Specimen Fixture

Corrosion Resistant Alloy

Displacement Probe

Submersible LVDT

Specimen Size

Diameter:  75mm – 160mm
Length1:  170mm – 210mm

1Test specimen lengths other than 177.8 ±3mm (7”) require custom length frame Calibration Standards for best accuracy.

Fixture Calibration

Fixture CTE Standard: 177.8mm (7”) long
AISI 304 SS, includes CTE Certificate

Input Parameters

Specimen Length, Identification
Temperature Set Points
Equilibrium Requirement (i.e.: 0.00025mm/30 minutes)
Stop Criteria(i.e.: 0.3 micro-strain/°C)

Data Acquisition

Bath Temperature (4 channel)
Up to 3 Specimen Fixtures (additional fixtures optional)
Specimen Temperature (optional)

Output Parameters

Formatted Excel spreadsheet
Time, Temperature, Change in Length, CTE Value

Test pecification

AASHTO T336 (formerly TP 60)

Minimum Computer Requirements

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor, Microsoft® Windows® XP, 256 MB RAM, 1.2

GB Hard drive space, Microsoft® Excel® 2003,

monitor resolution 1024 x 768, 16-bit color

Optional Equipment


Computer: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor, Microsoft® Windows®

XP, 19” Flat Panel Display, keyboard, mouse, read/write CD,

Ethernet network module, Microsoft® Office Basic Edition


Specimen Fixture with SS Calibration Standard


Specimen Temperature Data Acquisition Module

(includes one probe [ETX44034] with 60” leads)


Specimen Temperature Probe


Digital Thermometer: -50° to 150°C, 0.001°C resolution,

±0.05°C accuracy

* These specifications are subject to change without notice. 04122010 
  Computer and bench shown in representation optional *